Cancel Culture: The Ultimate Bully

I was going through my 2020 schedule for event bookings and felt compelled to add as a disclaimer that I don't participate in political or religious discussions. Call me old fashioned, it's none of your business how I feel about God or Government. Don't get me wrong, I have a strong viewpoint but I won't be baited into having it and telling you about it. There are millions of people that feel that way.

Once upon a time, people (famous and not famous) were able to use Social Media to vent. To say what they wanted with no fear. You could Tweet, Post, picture, video your opinions and positions, say what they ate, wore, what was going on with their day; whatever. Phones were even made to make this access easier. And whether people either liked it or didn't, everyone went about their day and none were the wiser.

Until one day, years later, a dark, internet soldier decides to dig deep, like 10 years deep into your background, actually looking for where and when you chose to say or do something millions of people agreed with at the time, but is no longer PC or proper by today's standards. It doesn't even have to be something that you believe in today. You could have changed your mind or gotten enlightened in some way. But what you said is a record, frozen in time, waiting for them to pluck it out of suspended cyberspace in that moment of trying to make a name for themselves as an "internet journalist" or "overnight activist" that now they will lead the charge in making you the example of what's wrong with the world right now.

No one questions this person's motives. The person may just not like your face, body, voice, even your name. The fact that they felt fat/skinny in the 5th grade, not good enough at some point, was bullied, felt small when they were in that dark place; YOU ARE THE REASON for the ills of their world and quickly convince others of that fact.

They do this by reminding the world of what you said or did in a random moment and decide that at that moment is when they play judge and jury with your livelihood. Now the people with pitchforks and twitter fingers decide that YOU are the catch of the day.

YOU, someone that works hard to get what you have, struggles amongst all obstacles, wake up one morning to find that the world hates you. Because you stand for their pain. Never mind that you are a human. A person that lives and breathes as they do and now your children aren't even safe and you're on a 24 hour suicide watch. You didn't hurt them personally, you don't even know them personally. Hell, they don't even know you personally and it can be a snippet or half of a sentence that the context gets twisted. It doesn't matter, they won't even ask your viewpoint or even if you still feel that way. Even if you apologize, it's not enough. If they don't like your apology, it makes things worse.
They don't care. You must pay.

I wrote a book 20 years ago for children, "Why Do They Pick On Me?" In that story, a child is hurt in many ways by peers and strangers and is wondering why. It's stated that sometimes there is no why. Sometimes, it's not even you. Someone feels that you symbolize what's wrong with their world. It's a "THEM" problem that they've made YOUR Problem. How do we tell our kids that their opinions matter while letting them know that others are free to have differing opinions. We can peacefully agree to disagree. No need to hurt me or others. Looking for something to undo or cause destruction to someone else is predatory. No one is safe from you.

The person that screams "bomb" or "Fire" in a crowded room, inciting a riot or causes a stampede is prosecuted but when it comes to destroying your life, you're not a person, you're an agenda.
Cancel Culture is dangerous. Cancel Culture is manipulative, destructive, elitist and borderline sociopathic. But no one says that. It becomes a wave of attacks that can destroy everything that you have worked for.

The thing is, these people have nothing to lose so you they come for you. I saw a popular actress wearing a red hat symbolizing Women's Heart Health. In the comments, there was a heated debate of the red hat. My eyes grew bigger and I was like, "this is insanity." Her wearing a red hat for a good cause is to be marred because of public opinion. People's entire careers rest in the hands of trolls with no posts, handful of ideals and self-importance issues.

I believe that if you need mental help, please seek it. Before you press the send button, ask yourself why. People that sit at a table of visibility doesn't make it right for you to make into a mission to take them down.  The bigger the person, the bigger the target. I tell myself that it's all attraction, ignore them, they go away. Except they don't do that to you. They make sure that the world doesn't forget or forgive you. If another person takes an opinion opposite them, now YOU ARE THE PROBLEM and now you're cancelled.  They even turn against each other. Then we have celebrities taking their lives or ending up hurting themselves. People are censored, condemned and protested against and actively blacklisted because someone felt like God that day.

I don't believe in giving people power over my life. I have worked so hard to get to where I am and refuse to put myself in a position for someone to take it away from me. So here I am staying neutral, like many people because I know the power of the keyboard. I live here. Except, I choose to educate, help and show love. It doesn't matter if you choose to learn with or from me or not, I'm still not taking anything from you. If perchance, you find out something that you don't like about me, mind your business and leave me alone. Keep scrolling. I will not be a party to your madness. I will not be bullied.