SO... Yes it's been awhile. Living life and stuff. The thing is, in my absence here, I've sincerely been taking care of business for myself and Bam. Now, it's time for me to share what I've learned with you. I wrote a few books, crossed over a few genres but still stayed within self help. Now more for adults. I realized that to help the children that my earlier books highlight, I also have to help the people entrusted with their care.

You can't pour from an empty cup. We all do it. Give energy and resources that we honestly don't have. After doing that (and burning out several times) I've come up with a new philosophy for myself. "You'll get there Birdie, one moment, one day at a time." Simple, right?

That's the other piece of the philosophy, it's by "Shifting Up."
To shift by definition, is a slight change in emphasis, direction or focus.

By shifting up, you make small changes towards a better life. That's what I'm committed to. So I won't stay away that long again but there are so many small changes that I've made already and I'm so ready to share them with you.

I even made you an activity book. It has small messages and pictures to color and I'm proud of it. I used some characters from my books and prints from my yoga mat line. Yes yoga mats!
(Told you that I was busy)

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