I wrote this piece in July 2015 and now it has been 4 years since Sandra Bland's Murder. We can never forget how her death emphasized and magnified the disrespect for a black woman's life and how easily someone's ego can rip a life from this earthly existence. There has been countless and senseless murders in the name of "Blue Justice", I can't help but think of the ways her murder was covered up and silenced. This is re-published in hopes that we #neverforget #sayhername 

July 2015 -
Without even immersing yourself in Social media, CNN, FOX or any news outlets you are still witnessing a devastating abuse of power in the case of Sandra Bland.
Sandra Bland is me, my sister, our girlfriends, mother's, aunt's and cousins.
And all Sandra Bland did was not properly signal, get stopped for it and "sass" Officer at the time, Brian Encinia.
That's it.

Personally, anyone I know, with the weight of their life and their day, the rush to their destination and add the anxiety of being stopped by the police; ANY OF US could've been Sandra Bland. And for all of those who do not THINK for one minute that these are unique circumstances, think again. Because unless you live under a rock, buried in a deep ravine, the abuse of power in this country is everywhere. People's lives are unjustly "plucked" from this planet with disregard to life's value in what seems like everyday by those sworn to protect us. When will that stop?
There's no overt conspiracy against police, no police hate here. But what the hell is happening? 
After stopping Sandra Bland, everything else the police officer did was 1000% wrong. None of Sandra Bland's "offensive demeanor" or "black woman attitude" warranted her forced exit from her vehicle. Within that recorded (with a police dash cam) traffic stop, Sandra Bland's rights as an American Citizen, as a woman and as a human were violated.

And to add another insult to her unnecessary death, the transparent cover-up currently in progress is crazy to watch. Where's the accountability? Where's the: "I messed up." "We messed up." "We were wrong." Nope. None of that. Instead, there's this calculated plot to cover up an avalanche of wrongs. What is right with any of this?
There are actual "justifications" being thrown around.
How dare Sandra Bland not respect him? How dare Sandra Bland get sassy with that officer! He's got a badge!
How dare Sandra Bland have ever wanted to die in her past! 
How dare Sandra Bland ever get depressed in her past!
How dare Sandra Bland have weed in her system!
How dare Sandra Bland be a woman!
How dare Sandra Bland be a *gasp* black woman!
How dare Sandra Bland drive a car!
How dare Sandra Bland live!
How dare Sandra Bland die in police custody?
How dare she!

My heart bleeds for Sandra Bland, her family and the senselessness of Sandra Bland's death. And the insulting of our intelligence within the "investigation" we're witnessing. It's heartbreaking.
Sandra Bland is all of us. Sandra Bland does not deserve to be forgotten or swept under the rug. Sandra Bland deserves justice. Bottom line. 
#All Lives are supposed to Matter, right?
I just hope that police officers, state government, federal government and all of the rest of us remember that. 

UPDATE: Sandra Bland's murder and murderer Brian Encinia has not been brought to justice. His perjury charges for covering her murder were dropped by Judge Albert McCaig in exchange for his retirement from the Police Department. The name of the medical examiner that ruled her death a suicide's remain unnamed. A wrongful death suit that was settled to her family for $1.9 Million. 
The newly enacted Sandra Bland Act now requires jail cell checks, on-duty nurses in jails and de-escalation training for police and jailers.

#sayhername #SandraBland #justice #ProtectBlackWomen