Groundhog Day...

So, game on, y’all. Been in hibernation for awhile, hence the Groundhog Day. Well not really hibernating. Ok, so it seems like it because I’ve been scarce. But since my last blog, I recorded and released my first album, Scandal. I am really proud of it. It started out as a bucket list/promise fulfilled. But it unveiled something in me that I missed so much. An evolution of expression. I dug deep and meant every word.

I do karaoke about once a month and although I bring the house down when I do it, the songs are still someone else’s. I wrote and sung my own songs and it was an emotional undertaking. It’s not the most quality sound but it’s me. Raw and I absolutely love it. My next plan is to release videos for 2 songs on the album: “Pretty” and “Lose Again”, when the weather gets warmer. It has been so cold out there.

Besides my music, I released 4 hard copies of my children’s books: Stickboy and Cookie are Friends, Cookie’s First Day of School, Don’t be a Follower, Stickboy and I Won’t go with Strangers. Those and 5 other books are still available in PDF form but it meant so much to me that I actually hard published those books. There’s nothing like being an author without hard copy of your own books.

My goal is to be a writing guru, so to speak. Songs, books, more kids books, scripts, you think it, I write it. And I believe that I am on my way to that.

I’m writing songs for several artists, as well as myself and definitely working on movies and television pilots. I’m on fire!

Being focused is really hard at times, but I was told a long time ago that if you aim at one thing at a time, you can do it all. I’ve slowly checked a few things off of my list and they’re big things. I’ve made myself proud and as you see my grow even more as a creator, you will be proud of me too.

See y’all soon.  <3 p="">

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