Belief Relief

In 2013, I've had several scares.

In January, there was the breast cancer scare. Benign. In March, I got hit by a car. I'm alive. In September, I had a biopsy on my thyroid. Benign. I'm healthy and I want to world to know that I'm fine!!!

 Passing it all with flying colors. And that's just 2013.

So now, I am moving towards my next birthday with a huge weight off of me. Funny thing about relief. The valleys become wider. The sun, moon and stars shine brighter. And your dreams are bigger again. Possibilities are endless all over again. I call it belief relief.
When you get that sigh of relief and breathe fresh air, that's the perfect time to pounce on your dreams and make it real. Like actually hold it in your hands and make all things you've ever dreamed of, real. Belief in self, pursued with gusto and new life.

So. I'm back.

I speak with more authority. Focus is crisp. My thoughts are clear. My love is so much more passionate. I've had more than my share of second chances at life this year alone. I've gotta do more than play numbers with my luck, I have to float this boat out of harbor and make my dreams come true, come what may.

Life is short. And as "The big things" happen, it cements my need to appreciate the life that I've been given, show my love for the gifts I have and live true.

In 2014, I finished my album, Scandal, released hard copy versions (Not just PDF) of 4 of my kids' books. All I kept thinking was, "You can't sit on your dreams. It's like having a gift that never gets unwrapped." Doing that makes no sense, right? Been doing that. Time for me to do what I need to do. Live my life.

My new projects for 2015 include:
Writing songs for other artists.
The release of another Stickboy and Cookie Book; "The Big Start."
The release of my new Young Reader series, "Bam Roberts."
A new book called, "Saggy Boobs, Stretch Marks and Saddle Bags." Plus a  bonus book (Shhh...)
I'm really excited about it.

Throughout all of my excitement, I'm pacing myself, yes. But my focus on the prize is so much more clear. My mission is to still sow seeds and keep folks talking... good stuff though. Good stuff.