Early this month, I took my son to see Mo Willems, the multi-talented, multi-award winning children's book writer and illustrator at Books of Wonder in NYC. My now ex-boyfriend accompanied me at the time (for moral support, AKA my sanity from the hecticness of the screaming kids.)

Beyond being overtired from constantly overexerting myself, I had a banging headache that being at a children's book signing would just make worse. But there I was. It had meant so much to Bam that we went as he is a fan of EVERYTHING Mo Willems writes, especially the Elephant and Piggie books. So there he is. mo Willems. The master at work. "No flash photography, please." (to the extra hard headed parents) He becomes animated as he reads the book, "We Are in a Book!" the latest in Elephant and Piggie books. My son, who was first in line, had his Knuffle Bunny (another book series he wrote) ears on, sitting in the front row. Eating it all up.

My boyfriend, looks at me, gives me the eyebrow and says, "You really need to do this."
I look down. "I know."

Truth is, the kids, my son, Bam and my niece have been asking repeatedly about all of us writing a book together. They even came up with a name, "Stickboy and Cookie." Sounded cute, so we stuck with it.

When he gave me the eyebrow, I knew that I had to finally follow through.

So on the way home, I sketched Cookie. I was fighting with Stickboy (who still doesn't look like a stick at all.) I got home and began to write the words.
What happened? I shocked the hell out of myself! I finished my first Stickboy and Cookie book in 3 days! Illustrations included. THAT'S HUGE!!!!

After that, what did I do? I wrote another one!
What is the craziest thing is I, for the life of me, haven't finished books that I've been working on for years, let alone keeping up with this blog or any other ones I had been working on. But I took on this project and just did it!

On a roll, I began to add on to one of the books I've been writing. And the flow continues...

So with that, I thank Bam, for asking me to take you to see Mo Willems. To Mo Willems for being brilliant. And to my ex-boyfriend for giving me the eyebrow. ;)