In dealing with anything in my past, I have learned not to look back. There’s no sense to do it, and it only makes you do stupid things.

This gets to be hard when you have young children. They look back for you. They cry at night and ask for Daddy. It breaks your heart. But no matter what you say, you still can’t give them the answers that they are looking for.

So I wrote a book a children’s book called, “Daddy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” Before you see it as a hopeless plug, it is based on my own experience with my son. One night, he just wouldn’t stop crying. I thought he was just being stubborn about not going to bed. After letting him cry for ten minutes, I came in the room thinking that it may have been more serious.

“Why isn’t Daddy coming back?” my son said, hopelessly.

Well, you have to read the book to get the rest. (That’s the plug.) But the gist of it is letting our children know that although things don’t work out with us grown-ups, that he or she is still loved. As hard is it is for a child to understand, Mommy not looking back is a great thing. I’ll leave that to the kids.

By the way, the book, "Daddy doesn't live here anymore" needs illustrations. If you are interested, email me at